Coral nurseries

Discover Tēnaka’s coral nurseries, methodology and different substrates

Reef restoration methodology

We don’t build coral reefs at a big scale: we only plant corals to reconnect patches of reefs together at a very micro scale, in order to restore degraded coral reefs. We work with local scientific divers and communities to respect the natural genetic diversity of the reefs, and ensure the scientific monitoring on the long term.

Our coral nurseries : what substrate ?

The Dome Nursery

The Dome Nursery is a frame of eco-friendly metal. This particular shape reproduces the natural features of a coral reefs. It’s very efficient for fish habitat, because it allows small to medium-sized marine species to hide from predators and find nutrients.

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The Glass Nursery

The Glass Nursery is made of recycled glass bottles, in a patch of eco-friendly cement made of crushed glass. 1 block has a capacity of 6 corals. This substrate is efficient for reef building, and it also supports recycling efforts on the island.

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