Impacts measurement

Dive into Tēnaka’s impacts measurement methodology and online tools for your CSR reporting

Positive impact is our mission. Measuring it is the cornerstone of our model.

impacts measurement

Both on our restored coral reefs and mangrove forests, our field partners collect quantitative data based on international methodologies such as Reef Check for coral reefs.

The data is used on a long term to monitor the growth of the ecosystem, as well as evaluating the impacts on neighboring biodiversity.

It is then translated by our platforms into CSR reports that our partners can download.

The Tēnaka Science® Platform

The Tēnaka Science® Platform allows you to access all data from your programs on the field: coral reef restoration and mangroves plantation. GPS codes allow you to geolocalize your reef and communicate to your communities.

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data for your CSR reports

Data and pictures are collected every three months on the field. Our platform translates the raw data into visualized contents, key points, images and charts.

You can then follow the growth of your reef online, and download useful tools to enrich your CSR reporting as well as communicate widely on the positive impacts you’re having.

A unique connection code is given to you and your communities, so that you can share with your customers, collaborators and friends on the positive impacts you’re having on the Ocean.

the Blue Cam: live monitoring station for your coral reef

We are teaming up with engineers to prototype the Blue Cam: a live monitoring station for our restored coral reefs. This wide-angle camera equipped with data sensors will enable us to have an access to the coral nurseries in real time – and to identify species that we can’t see as divers.