About us

Tēnaka is a purpose-driven startup aiming to restore marine ecosystems, lungs and carbon sinks of our Planet.

What Tēnaka means

Tēnaka is a Maori word that translates the action of connecting.

We connect corporations with scientists, local NGOs and communities, for our blue Planet. We build a synergy and address the climate crisis with a systemic approach, that is solution-oriented and scientific-based.

Installation of Courbet Coral Reef, Malaysia

Making ‘investing in our Planet’ a business model

We believe businesses can be a driving force in the resolution of the climate crisis. We build CSR programs for corporations to engage in an impactful, measurable and proactive way into solutions to the climate crisis.


Implementing impactful programs

Restoring marine ecosystems and biodiversity is highlighted as one of the key solutions to the climate crisis. We develop sustainable programs in Southeast Asia, alongside marine scientists as well as local NGOs and communities.

First steps
Research program on the frontline of the climate crisis
S2 2018
First coral reef | Proof of Concept | Crowdfunding campaign +200%
S1 2019
First clients
SciencesPo incubator | first client | BPI Innovation Funding
S2 2019
Named SOA Young Leader | Integrated Mazars Fab Labs
Next steps
First pluriannual programs | BPI Tech Funding