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Tenaka | restore marine ecosystems, lungs and carbon sinks of our Planet

Dive into CSR

We are a social business
providing CSR solutions
for corporations, to restore
and preserve our Blue Planet.

Solutions to the
climate crisis

The Ocean emits over 70% of the air we breathe.
It absorbs 30% of the CO₂ in the atmosphere every year. 
It provides food and income for 4 billion people - nearly 1 out of 2 persons in the world.
Restoring our Ocean's ecosystems is a priority solution against the climate crisis
image_1 Restoration of a coral reef for our client Courbet, Tioman island
Restoration of a coral reef for Courbet, Tioman island, Malaysia, April 2019
image_2 Restoration of a mangrove forest to limit erosion in Tuvalu
Restoration of a mangrove forest to limit erosion in Tuvalu, April 2017

Corporations have a role to play.

More and more pressure is weighing on businesses to address this crisis in a proactive, impactful and measurable way, but also to communicate on their impacts.
Restoration of a coral reef for Dodo brand, Pomellato / Kering group March 2020
The Tēnaka Granelli bracelet, made by Dodo from recycled plastics found in the Ocean.

Let's anchor CSR
in every business model.

We provide tailor-made CSR programs to help businesses reach their Sustainable Development Goals. We provide scientific metrics and impacts measurement tools to enrich CSR reporting and communication.