Dive into CSR

We are a social business
providing CSR solutions
for corporations, to restore
and preserve our Blue Planet.

Solutions to the
climate crisis

The Ocean emits over 70% of the air we breathe.
It absorbs 30% of the CO2 in the atmosphere every year. 
It provides food and income for 4 billion people - nearly 1 out of 2 persons in the world. Restoring our Ocean's ecosystems is a priority solution against the climate crisis
Restoration of a coral reef for our client Courbet, Tioman island, Malaysia, April 2019
Restoration of a mangrove forest to limit erosion in Tuvalu, April 2017

Corporations have a role to play.

More and more pressure is weighing on businesses to address this crisis in a proactive, impactful and measurable way, but also to communicate on their impacts.
Alvin leading scientific surveys on a coral reef off Tioman island, Malaysia, May 2018 | © CintaiTioman
Courbet's ethical bracelet that rebuilds coral reefs, Tioman island, Malaysia, April 2019

Let's anchor CSR
in every business model.

We provide tailor-made CSR programs to help businesses reach their Sustainable Development Goals and integrate transitions at the very heart of their business model. We advise CSR initiatives from the analysis phase to reporting , and implement impactful & measurable programs on the field.